Escritorio Público

Papeterie Nota Bene, Montreal.
Escritorio Público (Public Desk)

“Escritorio Publico is a public service performed in México, and some other countries, where people come to the Escritorio Publico to orally tell a scribaner a letter, a notice, a comment, or something that they need in a written format to give to someone else.

The transcriber listens careflly without judgement and faithfully attempts to convey the spoken words with the aid of the typewriter into a piece of paper.

In collaboration with NotaBene the artist will install a temporary and improvised Escritorio Publico office next to the papeterie. In this occasion a desk, two chairs, some paper, and a typewriter will welcome people to enunciate anything they may want the scrivener to transcribe”.

Mayra Morales
Montreal QC, Canada.
22nd of May 2016

Andrea Coyotzi Borja
Curated by: Marcelino Barsi
Text by: Mayra Morales