The Street Enters the House: Spaces Becoming Places

Pori Art Museum, Finland 2017

Experience is a becoming.
Spaces become.
Places are formulated settlements for our memory.
Settlements are only temporary regarding experiences.
Settlements are permanent on behalf of our memory.

We leave the house onto the street. Our body moves, our eyes observe and retain what, by the relation of our involvement within dwelling the city has been regarded as worthy, out of the ordinary, or just peculiar.
Do we ever dwell the street?
Do we ever dwell the street without intention?
What is the role of the street beyond a functionality?

The Street Enters the House: Spaces Becoming Places takes the first part of its title from Umberto Boccioni’s painting The street enters the house (1911) as a parting point for questioning the role of spaces, and spaces becoming places.

What happens within the ordinary?
What happens with the un-dwelt?
What happens on the street?
What happens when the street enters the house,
or in this case, the museum?
Is the street ordinary regardless of
how it’s framed, regardless of the intention?

This video work intends to propose a line of observation for what is seemingly ordinary, an everydayness; as Paul Virilio* writes in his text ‘On Georges Perec’: “what happens when nothing happens”. And how these, seemingly unworthy experiences for many, are set to establish our first approximation with a becoming of the spaces, places, and ultimately, the image of the self.

*Paul Virilio, extract from ‘On Georges Perec’, AA Files, no. 45/46 (London: Architectural Association. School of Architecture.