What happens when nothing happens

Galleria Huuto, Helsinki, Finland / 2019

The happening/installation ‘What happens when nothing happens’ is part of the artist’s research work about the ‘Infraordinary’, a concept by Georges Perec which refers to quotidian experiences and questions the visibility of these events in the everyday life.

In this happening/installation, the artist examines a side of the everyday in which she will engage with the statement of what happens when nothing happens. The artist will dwell the exhibition space for the whole duration of the exhibition by locating a desk and a series of tools which will allow her to do, think, and work on the document titled as the installation in which she will elaborate on the relationship between the notion of the event and the Infraordinary.

At the same time that this “working” is unfolding, the artist will be open and available to engage in conversations with the audience of the exhibition. These conversations will have the possibility to be scheduled, but the possibility of talk and engage will always be there available for the casual passer-by.

The desk – Week 1
The desk – Week 2
The desk – Week 3